Ti penso sempre. I'm always thinking about you.


Italy was enchanting. Bentley & I loved every moment of our time there from figuring out transportation to exploring each beautiful town. We can't wait to return someday & explore more of the culture; the people, the food, the history. 


We started our journey in Florence, making our way through history one cobblestone step at a time. We saw David in the Galleria Accademia before making our way over to the Ponte Vecchio and exploring the city streets at night. During the day, in the center of the main square, lies the beautiful Duomo di Firenze.


After our time in Florence, we moved onto the picturesque towns of Atrani & Amalfi. We spent two days, relaxing and exploring these small towns. Enjoying time with locals & walking along their beaches before the invasion of like-minded tourists & the summer season.


Around every corned you would be able to find these picturesque places with their bright doors & colorful buildings welcoming you in. 


We finished our trip in Rome combing our way through the streets finding sites like the Trevi Fountain, the Pantheon, the Colosseum, the Vatican & so much more. If you ever have the desire to feel small, visit the Eternal City. Their buildings are massive in size & some of the eldest every built. To know that people made these cities centuries ago & that they are still standing in mind boggling. Bentley & I kept thinking what in our generation will stand the age of time? 


Among the many sites, Bentley & I found our favorite Italian restaurant, thus far, called Casa e Bottega on Via di Coronari. They're open for breakfast, lunch, & dinner. Let's just say Bentley & I visited them for each of those meals & on our last night in Rome we received a special thank you from their Chef which will always make me smile. 


After lots of fun, we returned home safe & sound with full hearts & bellies. One day we hope to return to finish our Italian adventures in Milan, Venice, & Lake Como but until then, Ciao Italia! 

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